The Body Deli: Coconut Cream Body Souffle

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One of my absolute favorite scents is coconut.  Real, authentic coconut… not the weird candy like scent or the kind that smells more like a Christmas cookie.  The kind that reminds me of the beach, old school suntan lotion or tropical drinks and relaxation.  Which is why I tend to gravitate to it when it comes to my body care.  It makes me feel warmer and somehow happier… like you feel when you’re laying on a deck chair in a tropical place and no one is talking to you but the ocean waves. (Can you tell I need a vacation?)  Anyway, it’s the scent I more often choose when trying a new product line since it’s a common scent among natural brands.

I was introduced to The Body Deli maybe a year ago when they sent me samples of their Mai Tai Lip Gloss, so when they offered to do another review with us I was all for it.  They have a great selection of products chock full of organic and fresh ingredients.  I really dig their mission and the idea behind their products.  Since they don’t use icky preservatives in their products, most items have a shelf life.  Just like food.  But that’s not a problem because I plow through it in no time.

This time I picked their Coconut Cream Body Souffle and it is just as wonderful as it sounds.  You open the generous sized tub and it’s filled to the brim with a whipped white cream that looks good enough to spread on top of a chocolate pie. It has a smooth consistency so it spreads on like icing (I sound hungry, don’t I?).  It smells HEAVENLY.. like real genuine coconut.  It’s a treat to use which isn’t always the case.  I hadn’t been moved to order more products until now… I plan on getting myself some of the Coconut Cream Body Scrub to go with the Body Souffle.  It’s just divine.  The Tahitian Vanilla sounds intriguing too.

The Body Deli uses organic ingredients and no icky preservatives, parabens, phthalates, PEG’s, propylene glycol, dimethicone, or other common chemical ingredients so I feel they have some really great products.  For those of you who are ingredient mavens, there is vegetable emulsifying wax and Grapefruit Seed Extract present in some products so if you avoid those be sure to read the labels first.

GET IT: Seriously, if you like coconut like I do, you’ll thank me. Pick it up on their website


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One Response to “The Body Deli: Coconut Cream Body Souffle”

  1. Melisa on April 27th, 2010 4:02 pm

    I too love the scent of real coconut and will pretty much try any product that is labeled as such! Can’t wait to try this one!!

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