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One of my absolute favorite scents is coconut.  Real, authentic coconut… not the weird candy like scent or the kind that smells more like a Christmas cookie.  The kind that reminds me of the beach, old school suntan lotion or tropical drinks and relaxation.  Which is why I tend to gravitate to it when it comes to my body care.  It makes me feel warmer and somehow happier… like you feel when you’re laying on a deck chair in a tropical place and no one is talking to you but the ocean waves. (Can you tell I need a vacation?)  Anyway, it’s the scent I more often choose when trying a new product line since it’s a common scent among natural brands.

I was introduced to The Body Deli maybe a year ago when they sent me samples of their Mai Tai Lip Gloss, so when they offered to do another review with us I was all for it.  They have a great selection of products chock full of organic and fresh ingredients.  I really dig their mission and the idea behind their products.  Since they don’t use icky preservatives in their products, most items have a shelf life.  Just like food.  But that’s not a problem because I plow through it in no time.

This time I picked their Coconut Cream Body Souffle and it is just as wonderful as it sounds.  You open the generous sized tub and it’s filled to the brim with a whipped white cream that looks good enough to spread on top of a chocolate pie. It has a smooth consistency so it spreads on like icing (I sound hungry, don’t I?).  It smells HEAVENLY.. like real genuine coconut.  It’s a treat to use which isn’t always the case.  I hadn’t been moved to order more products until now… I plan on getting myself some of the Coconut Cream Body Scrub to go with the Body Souffle.  It’s just divine.  The Tahitian Vanilla sounds intriguing too.

The Body Deli uses organic ingredients and no icky preservatives, parabens, phthalates, PEG’s, propylene glycol, dimethicone, or other common chemical ingredients so I feel they have some really great products.  For those of you who are ingredient mavens, there is vegetable emulsifying wax and Grapefruit Seed Extract present in some products so if you avoid those be sure to read the labels first.

GET IT: Seriously, if you like coconut like I do, you’ll thank me. Pick it up on their website


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Normally, it’s not my style to post something negative about a green company.   But sadly, after today’s drama surrounding 100% Pure and their unprofessional-ism in answering direct questions and being rude to people asking them a simple question on facebook (it appears 100% Pure has removed their fan page), I will no longer stand behind 100% Pure, which sadly was one of my favorite brands.

You can read the whole exchange over at Stephanie’s, Chemical of the Day blog.  I’ll wait.

I’ll preface this by first saying, that while we’re fans of Stephanie’s products and appreciate her knowledge, we’re not taking sides with Stephanie.  We really liked most of  100% Pure’s products.  So when it came to light, the information regarding Japanese Honeysuckle extract containing para-hydroxy benzoic acid, we were a kind of bummed, because it’s in quite a few brands, including some of the products 100% Pure sells.   Granted, it wasn’t all, which made me happy that I still had options, but the way they’ve handled the whole situation is very sucker in the dirt.  Instead of answering the question asked, point blank, does your Japanese Honeysuckle contain para-hydroxy benzoic acid, a simple yes or no question, they instead decided to skirt this issue with accusatory responses, telling people that they have no idea what they’re talking about, and telling people “We DO the research ourselves. in a LAB.”  As if capitalizing words makes it more important and somehow drowns out the fact that they have not answered the question, and on top of that, have turned blame around on the commenters who were simply stating that they hadn’t answered the question, and “reading things on the internet doesn’t make you a scientist.”

Look, I get that anyone can read things on the internet and be an “expert.”  There’s a lot of false information out there, but I trust Stephanie’s research isn’t limited to sitting around reading wikipedia just so that she can “defame” brands.

I’m not going to get into the whole arguement about para-hydroxy benzoic acid.  It seems to be two sided on 100% Pure’s part.  All I know is that the manner in which they handled the whole issue dissapoints me.  Either they need to get a less angry PR rep, who actually has some knowledge of what she’s talking about, or answer the question as it was asked.   Until then, I will no longer purchase or recommend their products to people.

This is another reason why we encourage people to do their own research and make decisions about what works for them.

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soapwalla-deodThere’s been many times where I’ve tried different products here and there and although they are natural and organic, they just don’t measure up to my girlie need for something indulgent. I’m a reformed bath product junkie so the stuff I choose now has to be safe and also work well.  But to really impress me it needs to make me feel like I’ve invested in something special. I know that I found a line of products that meet all my standards when I look forward to getting out of the shower to use them.  That is definitely the case with the products I have tried from Soapwalla.

Rachel, the “chef” behind the Soapwalla kitchen, created a line of truly natural products that not only work, they smell and feel unbelievably awesome.  Rachel, kind soul that she is, sent me 4 samples and while I loved all of them – I immediately went to her store and ordered 2 things: Her Deodorant Cream and the Luxurious Body Oil.  I’ll tell you why.

After using her Deodorant Cream I was totally hooked. At first I thought “I have to slap this on like spackle into my pits?” But in soapwalla body oilreality, you simply smooth a little bit on after a shower and that’s it.  You never feel sticky or wet.  After a week or so using it in warm (read: hot sweaty) Florida it has been effective enough to keep me odor free.  With some other natural deodorants I have had to reapply during the day and on one occasion I reeked after a few hours. (I don’t use that one anymore…. do you see what I do for you ladies? I SUFFER WITH B.O. just to find out what works best.  You can thank me later.  With products.  Or love and admiration. Whichever.) There are some I’m still trying and some I still use depending on the day but Soapwalla’s Deodorant Cream is definitely an awesome and effective product. It gets the LovelyMama seal of approval.

I also want to talk about her Luxurious Moisturizing Body Oil.  To start, I really love body oils over lotions.  Lotions usually need some kind of emulsifying ingredient which is typically a chemical or chemically processed wax or stearate. So I use a lot of lotion bars and oils to compensate.  I’ll admit that I love the idea of lotion more due to the ease of use and tend to choose them over oils when I’m in a hurry since oils can leave you feeling greasy for a bit while they soak in.  However there are certain cases when body oils don’t feel like you’re bathing in olive oil.  This is one of them.  Soapwalla’s Luxurious Moisturizing Body Oil goes on really light and absorbs in a reasonable time, so I don’t ever wish I chose lotion.  And the scent? Ooooohhhh my.  If I was a scent, I would be this one.  It’s light and citrusy, but with a delicate floral component so it has a certain feminine appeal to it.  After using it I feel girlie and pretty.  No need for phthalate ridden perfumes.  I just sniffed my arm and I still smell it – clean and girlie – even after running around all day. In a word: LOVE.

Soapwalla only uses organic ingredients and oils and never uses icky preservatives or chemicals.  I will definitely be shopping there again.  My next splurge? Organic Citrus Grove Soap Bar and some Almond Joy Body Polish.

GET IT: You can pick up all of Soapwalla’s great products on her Etsy Shop.

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Ok, you know how much we SafeMama girls love our cheat sheets.  And I know you’re thinking, sure, our kids are covered, but what about us?   We get a lot of questions asking about particular products, and while we would LOVE to try every single one of them, there is just not enough time or money possible for us to do so.  But with that in mind, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t compile a list of products for you to have at the ready when you’re looking for information on whether or not we think your favorite product is safe enough to use.

Notice: Please do not redistribute this list anywhere without our prior written consent. If you would like to share this information with your readers, please use the handy little button we created for doing just that and link back here. We spent time away from our kids, pouring over ingredients lists, digging in the Skin Deep Database and learning about chemicals and processes. Please help us make that worth our time and energy by not copy/pasting our work on other websites.  Thank you!

Please keep in mind that this is not a full list of products.  This is what we’ve found so far, and this will be a constantly updated list as we find things, or as you submit your findings to us. But we think this is a great starting off point. [Last updated April 5, 2014]

Best Choices – Our top picks

These are the products that are free of all of the chemicals we avoid along with labels that have ingredients you can actually pronounce.

Better Choices

These are the products that are free of all the big chemicals we like to avoid, such as parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, SLS’s, PEGs, propylene glycol, dimethicone, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Benzoate as well as some others, but they just weren’t squeaky clean enough for us to warrant putting them on our “best” list.  Maybe they have a couple of stearates or a few more synthetics than we’d like to see. However, they’re still pretty great and we even use some of ’em.

Good Choices

These are brands that may have a few products with questionable ingredients on our list of ingredients we like to avoid or maybe they have more synthetic ingredients than we’d like to see, however, they are FAR better than your conventional, chemical counterparts.  While they’re not going to make you sprout a second head, this is something where you’re going to have to be the one to make the judgment call whether or not you want to use these products.

* The ever wonderful Stephanie Greenwood of Bubble and Bee and publisher of the Chemical of the Day Blog, brought to our attention, sadly, that there are “hidden parabens” in some of our favorite products (as noted by the asterisk).   We were bummed to find out that great brands like John Masters and 100% Pure are included in this list of products.    Go over and read the article and then make the call for yourself on whether or not you would still want to use these products.   It may not be every single product in the brand, just a select few, but she’ll tell you what to look for and breaks the slight chemical difference down into layman’s terms.   This is where she helps you become empowered to read labels and learn how to decipher bad ingredients vs. the good ones.   Stephanie is one of the true good people in this business.

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