Badger Balm: Vanilla Coconut Every Day Moisturizer

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badgerSince a huge majority of you are snowed in, I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite every day products.  It’s no secret that I love the Badger Balm company and I love supporting them.  They are such a conscious company and all their products are natural and many, certified organic.  I love knowing that when I use a balm or soap, I am using the safest ingredients and that they don’t bother with making products that require emulsifiers or chemical involvement.

My latest love affair is with their new Vanilla Coconut Every Day Moisturizer.  They sent me a sample a little while ago and it;s almost empty.  It earned a spot on my night stand and I use it nightly on my hands, cuticles and feet.  The scent is perfect.  I usually really love coconut scented anything since it makes me feel like I’m indulging on a tropical island or reminds me of summer time and beaches. That’s a good feeling to have when its chilly out and you need some extra moisturizing.

It comes in a large tin and the scent is a warm but subtle coconut … but toned down with the vanilla to make a really wonderful scent.  As always, Badger Balm uses a natural formula and only the best ingredients… like coconut oil, vanilla and rosemary.  This balm is also Certified Organic and Fair Trade.

Get It: Seriously, you need this.  And you need their lip balms which are hands down one of my absolute favorites.  My particular fave is the Lavender Orange.  It’s the one I brought with me to the hospital when I had my son.  Only the best!  Pick up a Vanilla Coconut Every Day Moisturizer on their website

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One Response to “Badger Balm: Vanilla Coconut Every Day Moisturizer”

  1. Victoria on February 19th, 2010 9:35 pm

    I love Badger Balm products too!

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