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508By popular demand you requested our input on the Whole Foods store brand of body care 365 Everyday Value.  On a recent pilgrimage to Whole Foods I decided to check it out because hey, I am all for cheaper, yet safe, skin care.  That natural stuff can really add up! I checked out the 365 body lotion and the body wash to evaluate the ingredients.

I WANT to tell you that this is the answer to our organic prayers but alas.  It is not. I will not say it’s totally awful because it has some very redeemable qualities.  These products are free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, and petrochemicals… and the price point is unmatched.  A huge bottle of lotion for less than $3 bucks? Yes please! The products also carry the Whole Foods Premium Body Care seal of approval.

The bad news is these products contain a bevy of ingredients that aren’t “natural” by our standards.  For example cetyl alcohol which is the emulsifier that makes lotion more watery and smooth.  This ingredient (and others like it) is not by any means natural and is commonly contaminated with 1,4 dioxane. (See this great article about body lotion on Bubble& Bee) … so if you are wanting something truly safe, stick with the really natural stuff.  If you’re more concerned with price while avoiding the big risk ingredients like parabens and phthalates than this brand will cover that for you.

For the sake of reporting I tried both of these products on myself.  The lotion (I opted for a citrus scent) smooths on well and does have an effective moisturizing effect.  Even my husband liked it.  Similarly, the body wash foams up miraculously and the lavender scent I tried is subtle (but not as lavendery as other products).

Bottom Line: These are free of the big “avoid” ingredients but aren’t chemical free.  For the price you definitely get what you pay for.  Effective products that are safer than most mainstream brands.  If you want truly natural skin care, opt for something else but expect to pay more than $3.

Where to Buy: You can find these at your local Whole Foods market or online.

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