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birchI was gifted a very generous gift certificate to SaffronRouge.com for my birthday this year.  So I went on a spree and got a bunch of products I havent tried before.  One of those was Weleda’s Birch Body Scrub.  With descriptive words like “exfoliation” and “regeneration” I decided to give it a go on my dry legs.  Let me just say that I am big on scrubs, which is weird for someone with such sensitive skin.  I love a good scrub, and usually prefer sugar scrubs to salt.  That said, I don’t mind them being a bit coarse so I feel like I’m doing something productive.

Weleda’s Birch Body Scrub falls a little short in that area.  It’s super gentle and very moisturizing, while having a really nice fresh scent.  I like the product as a body wash, not a scrub.  There isn’t enough “scrub” in there to make me feel like I’m getting anywhere so I was a little disappointed in that.  But, as a moisturizing wash this product does great.  I love the smell and I LOVE that it’s in a squeeze tube rather than a tub that you have to scoop out of.  In general I am a big Weleda fan since they use natural ingredients and are free of all the nasty junk we typically avoid.  If you have really sensitive skin this might be a great scrub for you.

Get It: You can pick it up anywhere Weleda products are sold or grab it online at SaffronRouge.com

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