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Cactus & Ivy Bath and Spa Products | Lovely SafeMama™

Cactus & Ivy Bath and Spa Products

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cactus & ivyI stumbled on Cactus & Ivy through another blog (Eco-OfficeGals.com I think?) and saw what a great looking line of products they carry.   So I looked deeper to check out the ingredients and found that they have an exceptional line that’s free of parabens, phthalates, PEG’s, propylene glycols, synthetic fragrances and SLS.  I ordered myself their cute little sampler kit to get acquainted with their products.

All the products I tried were really impressive.  They aren’t separated like some natural brands and apply and feel great on skin.  Sometimes with really natural products you feel like you’re putting food on your body.  Not so with Cactus & Ivy.   My favorites? The Key Lime Body Wash (I’m a sucker for citrus smells) and the Peppermint Tree Foot Balm that comes in a twist up applicator (like a deodorant!).

They have a really wide variety of products like lip balms, bar soap, and one thing I haven’t seen before, Nail Balm which looks totally intriguing!  Olive oil and horsetail strengthen and nourish brittle nails and cuticles… sounds divine!  One or two products do contain phenoxyethanol but if you look through carefully the vast majority of their products don’t contain it.  They publish the ingredients on their website for easier shopping.  I really tend to respect companies who do that more than the ones who don’t!

Get It: You can pick up a sampler set or any of their great products on their website Cactus & Ivy.

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