Jurlique Balancing Day Care Cream

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picture-1I’ve long been curious about Jurlique products.  There were a few that I’ve wanted to try, but I’m trying to get by with less is more.  I love product, but I’m trying to be less wasteful and of course, there’s the whole second child on the way that is forcing me to spend less money.  But I got some Jurliqe samples and I can’t pass up a good sample.  Samples will never go to waste in this house, because what I don’t use, I stuff in my toiletries bag for travel.   A great way to travel light without giving up my girly luxuries.

I have to say, I’m impressed.  I really like the Jurlique lotions.  I tried out both the soothing day care lotion and the balancing day care cream and they both smell great and are heavy without being overly greasy.   I tend to hate most lotions because the extra water means I have to use more to achieve the same results, but this is a great cream with a pleasant rosey smell.

I will say though, that not ALL of Jurlique’s products are free of the safe ingredients we like to avoid.  Most of their lotions are LovelyMama worthy, but their shampoos and cleansers tend to have more unfavorable ingredients, so this is another case of learning to decipher the labels.   But both of these lotions are great for night time and I can easily see these being a staple on my night stand.  Especially with summer sandal season coming along.   I can feel the softness already!

Get it: You can order any of the Jurlique line off of Saffron Rouge.  Or find some products in your local Whole Foods.

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