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cactus & ivyI stumbled on Cactus & Ivy through another blog ( I think?) and saw what a great looking line of products they carry.   So I looked deeper to check out the ingredients and found that they have an exceptional line that’s free of parabens, phthalates, PEG’s, propylene glycols, synthetic fragrances and SLS.  I ordered myself their cute little sampler kit to get acquainted with their products.

All the products I tried were really impressive.  They aren’t separated like some natural brands and apply and feel great on skin.  Sometimes with really natural products you feel like you’re putting food on your body.  Not so with Cactus & Ivy.   My favorites? The Key Lime Body Wash (I’m a sucker for citrus smells) and the Peppermint Tree Foot Balm that comes in a twist up applicator (like a deodorant!).

They have a really wide variety of products like lip balms, bar soap, and one thing I haven’t seen before, Nail Balm which looks totally intriguing!  Olive oil and horsetail strengthen and nourish brittle nails and cuticles… sounds divine!  One or two products do contain phenoxyethanol but if you look through carefully the vast majority of their products don’t contain it.  They publish the ingredients on their website for easier shopping.  I really tend to respect companies who do that more than the ones who don’t!

Get It: You can pick up a sampler set or any of their great products on their website Cactus & Ivy.

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We’re always on the hunt for new brands and products.  Anything to expand on the products we already have and love.  And of course, being women, we love pampering.   So when Joy of Natural Joy Beauty contacted us and asked us to review some of Lauren Brooke Cosmetics, I was all too happy to volunteer.  Especially these days, when I’m feeling particularly unattractive.   I’ve been wanting to go in for a facial or spa day, but being pregnant, I’m leary of using products in which I don’t know the ingredients to.   Luckily for me, this is the next best thing!

I got to review both the Deep Sea Masque and the Blemish Control Toner.

I loved the deep sea masque.   It was tingly and made my face look more even toned.  I would recommend to turn off any fans blowing your way when you use it because I was a little too tingly at one point.  But the mix of different types of clays made my face feel smooth and soothed.  Some masks have a tendency to irritate my face, this one was gentle.

The toner was a little bit harder for me to tell how it worked, but this was mainly because I’m a raging case of hormonal skin right now, and my face has been breaking out like crazy.   Overall, it was nice and refreshing and felt great on my skin, but my chin blemishes refused to budge.  It worked like a charm on my other blemishes though.

Get it: You can order Lauren Brooke Cosmetics over at Natural Joy Beauty has a really great variety of products, including natural body glitter!  I was really excited when I saw this because who doesn’t love sparkly things?

Win It!

We have a set of the Blemish Control Toner and Deep Sea Masque to giveaway to one lucky reader.

To Enter:

Simply leave a comment on this entry telling us which product you fancy most on Natural Joy Beauty’s website.   Contest is open to US residents only.   Deadline to enter is Midnight EST on Monday, May 4th.  One winner will be chosen at random.

To Get Extra Entries:

  1. Put our Lovely SafeMama™  button (sidebar sidebar!) on your blog or website and leave a comment letting us know where it is!
  2. Twitter this giveaway and get another entry (leave a comment so your entry gets counted!)

Good luck!

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picture-1I’ve long been curious about Jurlique products.  There were a few that I’ve wanted to try, but I’m trying to get by with less is more.  I love product, but I’m trying to be less wasteful and of course, there’s the whole second child on the way that is forcing me to spend less money.  But I got some Jurliqe samples and I can’t pass up a good sample.  Samples will never go to waste in this house, because what I don’t use, I stuff in my toiletries bag for travel.   A great way to travel light without giving up my girly luxuries.

I have to say, I’m impressed.  I really like the Jurlique lotions.  I tried out both the soothing day care lotion and the balancing day care cream and they both smell great and are heavy without being overly greasy.   I tend to hate most lotions because the extra water means I have to use more to achieve the same results, but this is a great cream with a pleasant rosey smell.

I will say though, that not ALL of Jurlique’s products are free of the safe ingredients we like to avoid.  Most of their lotions are LovelyMama worthy, but their shampoos and cleansers tend to have more unfavorable ingredients, so this is another case of learning to decipher the labels.   But both of these lotions are great for night time and I can easily see these being a staple on my night stand.  Especially with summer sandal season coming along.   I can feel the softness already!

Get it: You can order any of the Jurlique line off of Saffron Rouge.  Or find some products in your local Whole Foods.

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We realize that some people are in the fluoride camp and some are against it. Either way, finding a safe natural toothpaste can be a challenge especially if you’re trying to avoid sodium laureth sulfates and fluoride. The lovely woman who owns and operates Nayla Natural Care, based in Canada, sent us a couple toothpastes to try out.

The Green Beaver Company has a line of natural toothpastes that are flouride free and completely natural. They have a bevy of interesting flavors, which is key for me because natural toothpaste reminds me of dirt (Yes, I’m talking about YOU Tom’s of Maine) but this is definitely not the case with The Green Beaver Company.

Their flavors include Cilantro Mint, Green Apple, Star Anise and the two I tried Frosty Mint and Zesty Orange. If you aren’t used to natural toothpastes it’s an adjustment no matter what. No natural toothpastes behave the same way Crest does but they do still have the same desired effect. This is no different and the suds factor is lower than traditional pastes, but the clean factor is not lacking. And they don’t taste like dirt! The Frosty Mint is a nice minty flavor and cleans along with natural mineral whiteners such as Silica and calcium carbonate. They also add calcium ascorbate, which contributes to the normal development and maintenance of teeth and gums. The Zesty Orange is a nice departure from usual mint flavors and is totally invigorating.

With the lack of flouride and all that other icky junk, these are safe for toddlers and children since they can safely swallow it without harm. (They should be supervised but still.)

Find these and other great safe products here: Nayla Natural Care! Her store is adorable and has great products. This is the perfect place for our Canadian readers to stock up on the products we review on! She ships to the U.S. too!

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shea butter soapIt’s no secret I get hooked on certain products.  Just ask me how many lip balms I have at any given time in my purse. (Currently 6).  See? Addict.  My other secret addiction is bar soap.  I don’t know if it’s the traditional nature of bar soap or the rush I get when I open a brand new bar.  Either way, I prefer it over body washes… especially for my face.  I have sensitive skin and am prone to rosacea.  So I am on a constant hunt for an alternative to Cetaphil’s bar soap that my dermatologist recommended.  I just can’t bring myself to continue using it.

During my search I found Tilvee Eco Ethical Skin Care.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try their products out but I was giddy over the simple facts. Their products are free of all chemicals including Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Preservatives, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates and not to mention they don’t test on animals, are committed to green business practices and are signers of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.  Can you say “love”?

As a suitable replacement for that old Cetaphil Cleansing bar I think their Shea Butter Facial Cleansing Bar might be a good contender.  People who suffer from rosacea tend to be sensitive as well as have dry patches so the gentle shea butter would be an ingredient to combat that.  Stuff is on sale right now so I might have to pick up a lip balm too.  See? Can’t ever resist.

Follow Up Review: I started using this on my face (remember…I’m sensitive with rosacea flare ups) and my skin has actually improved in the last few days of using it.  My skin isn’t as dry and dare I say my rosacea is clearing as well.  I think this is a great product.  Bye bye Cetaphil.

Get It: Pick one up on their website – go now because their having an Earth Month sale… 25% Off!

nveyA lot of attention is being paid to the fact that baby skin care products being independently tested are coming up containing formaldehyde and 1,4 dioxane.  The source of the problem is not enough regulation from the government agencies requiring product makers to test their products to determine their safety.  In fact there is no one requiring any skin care or make up company to adhere to much of any safety standards before things hit the market.  Here on LovelyMama, that concern for us is with cosmetics and skin care for us too.

Lipstick, which I don’t wear much of but many do, contain a bevy of chemicals including parabens, phthalates and a bevy of other chemicals… oh yeah and LEAD.  Since we’re putting lipstick on our lips, we ingest it day to day.  A study came out from The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics where they independently tested found that “two-thirds of the 33 samples we tested contained detectable levels of lead; of those, half were above the legal limit for lead in candy.”   This is especially dangerous for pregnant women since lead can cross through to the placenta and cause birth defects or worse.

This is why chosing organic makeup is a smart idea.. not only does it not contain lead and icky chemicals, but they actually do good things for your lips, like actually moisturize them.

Some brands to try:

Dr.Hauschka Lipstick – Free of synthetic chemicals and Yellow Blue and Red lakes… instead it’s tinted with natural minerals and scented with essential oils.

NVEY ECO Organic Lipstick – I love the makeup coming from this company for their organic plant and mineral  ingredients and soft feminine colors.


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