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good for you girlsIt’s no secret that teenage girls have different skin that the rest of us.  But they still deal with the same issues we face like breakouts and redness.  I don’t even want to think about what I put on my face when I was young… let;s not even go there.  Now, girls have better options and there is more information out there to help them learn about.  There’s even an organization geared toward helping them green their life: Teens Turn Green has a whole campaign called Teens for Safe Cosmetics!  Also, typical teenagers body burden of hormone altering chemicals is astronomical these days considering the volume of products they use.

So when I found a new company called Good For You Girls,  I had to share it with our readers in case anyone has a teenager who needs some safer skin care.  Good For You Girls has no parabens, synthetic chemicals, no petrochemicals and no dyes or irritants.  And they even have a great list of ingredients to avoid so your girls can start early on being able to read labels and avoid things that could be harmful later in life.  The sooner they are familiar with this stuff the better.

Good For You Girls comes with a complete set of skin care including a Gel Cleanser, a Refreshing Toner, and an Oil-Free Moisturizer.  All of the products have little to no scent reminiscent of a touch of aloe.  These are so gentle that I was able to use them on my rosacea prone skin with no problems.

Get it: Purchase a 3 piece kit on their website

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