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bbraspvanilla1 You all probably know by now, how much we LOVE Bubble and Bee’s products.   I have quite a few of their products around my house and I love all of them.  Especially anything that’s lime coconut.  It smells fabulous.    Even my husband likes their stuff, particularly their solid lotions, like the lotion stick and the lotion bar.  It really helps heal his hands, which tend to split a lot in the cold weather.

I had put in a request for an actual “liquid” lotion with Stephanie, which thankfully was already in the works.  I love the solids, I use them every day, but I do like the actual ability to spread lotion on my skin.

Introducing Body Butta.  This stuff is fantastic.  The smell is heavenly.  I was lucky to be able to try out the raspberry vanilla, which smells like dessert, and looks like cake frosting.   I’ve had a hard time refraining from digging my finger in it and eating it (because that’s what you do with frosting, right?).   And I’ve just gotten word from Stephanie that you actually COULD eat it if you wanted to, and that it doesn’t taste bad.  I think I’ll refrain from being the one to experiment, but, you know if you want to give it a shot, go ahead (and let me know if I need to get a spoon).  The ingredients are all natural of course,  and include coconut oil, raspberry extract, vanilla extract, sweet almond oil and a few more.  Best of all, not one single ingredient on this list is water, so you’re getting a nice thick lotion that will leave your skin feeling soft and silky, not only to dry out again after 6 minutes.

The body butta has a shelf life of 10 months from date of purchase.  Another thing that is a GOOD thing.  Your lotion shouldn’t outlive you.

Get it: You can order Body Butta directly from bubbleandbee.com, and as an extra LovelyMama bonus, you can take 15% off your order using the coupon code “hotmama03“, which can also be combined with free shipping on orders over $65.  That’s a great deal!  Code expires 6/1/09.

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