100 Percent Pure Pineapple Enzyme Mask

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100percentpineappleI know I need to shut up about 100 Percent Pure products, but they’re quickly becoming favorites of mine.   And when I find something I love, my loved ones want to stage an intervention.   But this is for a good cause.  For research, and for living a healthier life.  Yes, that’s it.

I’ve been wanting to try some sort of mask that I can use weekly to help keep the dry flaky skin to a dull (or maybe more like a healthy glow) roar.   So I picked up some of the 100% Pure Pineapple mask.  I was surprised that it was a powder.  One extra step of mixing it with water will make me lazy, but I mixed some up per the directions and slathered  it on my face and waited.  It doesn’t smell that great, and when it tries, it’s hard to crack, so your face looks like a 90 year old’s.   It washes off really easily with some soap and water.

But I will say, it made my skin soft as anything and I had no dry skin afterwards.  I haven’t felt skin that smooth since I was in grade school.   I was pretty impressed.  I used it a second time a week later, and the results weren’t as good, but they were still far better than nothing at all.  The jar will last awhile and if it keeps the flaky skin to a minimum, I give it a thumbs up.

Get It: You can order the pineapple mask via our Amazon Affiliate store, or buy their products directly online.   OR you can find some of their products in Bath and Body Works flagship stores.

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