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It’s no secret that I pretty much hate my hair. I could link to countless reviews of conditioners and the like, and you’ll see that I have impossible hair. Only made more impossible by the lack of chemicals that keep it looking like a brillo pad and of course, pregnancy.

I also generally don’t take too much time doing my hair as having a toddler doesn’t allow for countless hours of primping.   And I’m ok with that.  I get the time to shave my legs, and for that, I’m thankful.   It’s the little things, you know?

So when I actually do get some free time to blow out my hair and make it look hot and sexy, I try to stretch it out a day.   One problem I have though, and that’s oily roots.   I generally must wash my hair every day, but when blowing it out, it’s not only time consuming, it’s taxing on my hair.

There are countless powders and sprays out there to help with oily roots, because they say next day hair is sexy.  Most of it though, has all the chemicals we like to avoid.   And there’s always always corn starch or baby powder.  I’ve had limited success with those, and there’s also the problem of looking instantly like your white haired gramma.   No thank you.

I took my Weleda deodorant spray and sprayed it at the roots and in some other oily areas of my head and viola!  Worked like a charm.   Not only did my head smell good, but I didn’t have that heavy dirty hair feeling all day.   It’s a miracle!

I wouldn’t recommend this for use every day, since Weleda’s deodorant is alcohol based, but once in awhile, it’s a great alternative use for deodorant.   I’m keeping a bottle on hand as my new secret weapon.

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