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V-Day Week Extravaganza: Organic Chocolate & Gifts | Lovely SafeMama™

V-Day Week Extravaganza: Organic Chocolate & Gifts

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orgchocSo we covered the bedroom and now we need to get to the serious stuff.  Candy.  There’s nothing like a good box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day right?  Now there are companies creating fair trade and organic chocolate for our sweethearts.  Not to mention the antioxidants in chocolate make it a better choice than other candy…  it can have a higher content of antioxidants than black tea and red wine.

Organic Chocolate

basketFair Trade Heart Basket: Give your sweetie, or your mom, this basket of gourmet organic heart shaped chocolates in a bamboo basket.  Both the basket and the chocolates are fair trade and these special treat baskets contain a luxurious combination of foil wrapped solid dark chocolate hearts and dark chocolate cherry truffle hearts. Yum.

Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate: These delectable bars of organic chocolate, elegantly wrapped, are available almost everywhere.  I know truffles are traditional but I think a stack of chocolate bars tied with a red ribbon is just as sweet.  They have a dozen variety’s…my favorites being Maya Gold or the the Caramel.  Find them at the grocery store, target or health food stores in your area.

intempchocIntemperantia Organic Chocolates: Need those truffles that look like actual truffles? Here you go. Cocoa trees are some of the most pesticide sprayed trees and are usually grown near and around forests. The pesticides damage the forests around them and the cocoa plant holds pesticides more than any other fruit. Yick!  So organic chocolate is the way to go! And don’t they look fancy??

Rapunzel Lady Truffles: These cute lady bug organic chocolates are perfect for the kids or anyone you love.  Toss a bag into your partners laptop bag with a love note or put a couple in your kids lunch box as a special treat.  Doesn’t everyone love a milk chocolate covered hazelnut truffle crème shaped like a lady bug?

Sustainable Gift Giving

A box of chocolates not enough for your sweetie? Flowers are a big source of pesticides due to the mass growth of them for occasions such as this.  What is a better alternative? We thought you’d never ask…

rosesOrganic Bouquets:  All their blooms are sustainably grown and certified Organic (VeriFlora or FlorVerde) and grown with the least environmental impact.  All flowers will be  wrapped in eco-friendly packaging too.  They make sure all their flowers and growers adhere to fair labor and sustainable crop production to bring you the best in organic cut flowers.

Lucky Bamboo: Another gift idea, which I know I’d love, is a bundle of lucky bamboo stalks for your home.  Lucky bamboo is one of the best plants to have in your house.  Why? They are super low maintenance and they clean the air in your home better than most other plants.  Plus they’re a calming addition to any desk. Ahhh…

We hope everyone enjoys Valentine’s Day with the ones you love.  And for the anti-Valentine’s Day people – remember that your Valentine can be your mom or your best friend.  They need a little extra love these days too!

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