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We’re into the thick of Valentines Day Extravaganza Week over here at LovelyMama.   I figured I’d spice things up a bit by talking about sex.   Sex is a natural part of living.   Sure, it makes you giggle like a prepubescent teenager when mentioned, but sex is a beautiful natural thing.   Sex creates life (in most cases, anyway).    Sex has also been so commercialized that we’ve gotten away from the natural beauty of it.   Just as with anything else, we should strive to be greener, not only starting with the sheets (but that’s another post for another time) but between the sheets as well, and I plan to help you out by covering a few angles here:  personal lubricant, vibrators, and birth control.

Lubricant that’s better for you!

I’m sure you’re thinking that all lubricant is the same.  And sure, conventional lubricant is all pretty much the same.  That is to say, it’s all synthetic chemicals, polymers and other nasty junk that is not only horrible for you, but also a lot of times, very irritating to the skin.   Before finally figuring out how bad regular beauty products were for me, I had the worst time finding a lubricant that didn’t make me wince in pain after it had been on my skin for awhile.  I’m not typical in that regard, but still, if it was bothering me that much, I know even people who don’t have sensitivities have to be irritated by it sometimes.   The great thing is that we’ve found some great personal lubricants that are free of the nasties.

And the winners are:

Firefly organics – I was actually lucky enough to receive some samples of Firefly last year and published my review of it, which you can read here.  In short, I LOVE this lubricant.  It doesn’t burn or sting in the slightest.  There’s no stickiness and it doesn’t start to become tacky after time.  It performs with the same stability from start to finish.   It’s an oil, so you feel a little slick, but nothing that isn’t easily removed  with soap and water.   Did I mention my love for Firefly?

gcllubeGood Clean Love – The good folks over at Good Clean Love have got it nailed (and I only slightly mean that in a punny way).  They’ve got a huge array of products that are free of the chemicals we try so hard to avoid.   They not only have plain lubricant, but FLAVORS, and they’re all natural.   On top of lubricant, they have massage oil, candles, pleasure butters and body desserts.

Yes Lubricant – Appropriately named, Yes lubricant is another of the natural varieties, that has no harsh chemicals.   Yes also comes in either water based or oil based, which is nice for those that like the choice.  The other thing is that Yes comes in a few different sizes, including not only sample sizes, but a 6 pack of samples sizes, you know, so you can buy gifts for your friends.

Now, about those toys….

Now that we’ve got the lubricant down, let’s move onto toys.  Vibrators, whatever you like to call them, a good portion of us have them.  Sex toys are the second biggest industry to porn.  So, some of you are lying about what’s in your nightstand.  Most of the products you quickly purchase off the shelf at the adult store, red faced and giggling, are cheaply made in china and contain phthalates.   But, the good thing is that there’s tons of options out there that will fit any one’s desires.

And the winners are:

Sinnflutt rechargeable vibrator The Sinnflutt is made from 100% silicone, which not only makes for great bakeware, but also for great vibrators.   Silicone is non-toxic, non porous, and hypoallergenic.  Plus, it’ll last forever. On top of that, it’s rechargeable, which is great for keeping batteries out of the landfill. This little (or not so little) gem will set you back about $140, which may seem steep, but investing in a good vibrator is never cheap, and so so worth it. Plus, it’s made in Germany, and you know what they say about German engineering…

lelolilyThe Lelo “Lily” – (pictured).   There are very few vibrators that I come across that I covet.  I figure, if they’re safe and they get the job done, I’ll take it.  But Lelo’s products are different.   The Swedish based company uses the attractive Scandanavian design to put forth a product that is as much beautiful as it is functional.   Not only would you not want to hide this in your nightstand, you’d want to show it off to your friends.  Lelo’s products are made with 100% elastomer, which is a great phthalate free alternative to rubber or PVC.   The Lily runs about $120-130, and is also rechargeable, lasting about 7 hours on one 2 hour charge.   Bonus! It can also be locked so that there are no embarrassing moments at the airport!

Glass dildos – While these aren’t battery operated, they definitely deserve a spot on our list.   Glass dildos are the ulimate in green sex.  They’re recyclable, completely hygienic, and hand blown, so there’s no chemicals of any kind involved in making these.   Because they’re all hand blown, each one is unique and looks like a piece of art.   You might think glass would be dangerous, but they’re totally solid, so there’s no worry that too much errr, rough housing would cause it to break.   Glass will probably outlast any vibrator.   They’re also less costly.  Ranging from about $30 to $150.  Ok, so maybe not all of them are less costly, but you’re sure to find one that doesn’t break the bank.

But what about birth control?

Not everyone having sex is aiming for procreation here.   Plus, just because you’re practicing green sex, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be protecting yourself from unwanted pregnancies and STD’s.   Either of those situations is sure to put a crimp in anyone’s lofty Valentine’s Day plans.  Greener birth control is a tricky thing and not entirely green.   You can either pump yourself up full of hormones, to avoid the pregnancy aspect of things, or use a spermicide (more icky chemicals), but that won’t take care of the STD aspect.  Or you can use condoms.  Both latex and polyurethane condoms wreak havoc on the environment and then there’s the aspect of latex allergies.   You have to weigh your options here and make the choice that’s right for you.   But here are a couple of different (and better) types of condoms to get you started:

And the winners are:

Naturalamb sheepskin condoms – Sheepskin condoms are great…. if you’re in a monogamous relationship.   They’re made of a more natural material, which is better for the environment.  However, they do NOT protect against STD’s because they’re porous enough to allow bacteria through, but not sperm.   Of course, it should stand to reason that no method of birth control is ever 100% effective, but when used properly, condoms are about as effective as you can get.

Skyn Polyisoprene condoms – Skyn are a great alternative to both latex and polyurethane.  They’re made from polyisoprene, a synthetic counterpart to natural rubber.   The drawback is that they’re still a synthetic, but they DO protect against both pregnancy and STD’s.   It’s also a great alternative for people that have latex allergies.   They’re a little thicker than latex and polyurethane, which some people may or may not like.    But it’s also stretchier than polyurethane.

And there you have it, the skinny on greener sex.    And you thought any ‘ol vibrator would do!

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