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giovanniAs someone with naturally wavy hair, I am subject to frizz.  In the past I was committed to my curl creams and sprays to control it and to enhance the waves I had.  In searching for safer products, a less chemical curl enhancer was part of my hair mission.  Before I used either Aveda Be Curly (which isn’t the worst choice on the planet and works like a charm) and my Dream Curlz by John Freda to tame the heap of curls I own.  I’ve finally, after many trials have voted them all off the island for Giovanni’s Direct Leave-In Conditioner.  Granted, this isn’t a curl cream, but a nickel sized drop of it adds shine and smoothness to my waves and helps tame the frizzies.

Giovanni’s products are cruelty free and focus mainly on organic or natural ingredients and doesn’t use typical chemical preservatives like parabens. A select few of their products contain small amounts Phenoxyethanol, but in recent months I’ve seen the ingredient disappearing from their labels so I’m comfortable with using the majority of their products.  The best part is they are relatively affordable.

Get It: You can pick up Giovanni products just about everywhere these days.  I’ve seen them at the grocery store, Target, Rite Aid, and of course on

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