Finally, a safer face wash I can live with (100% Pure)

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100percentfacewashI think it’s safe to say, that when I find a particular brand that I like, I first drool over every product they have available, and then I go out and buy them.   I know that’s the case for me with conventional products, however safer beauty products are a bigger deal.  For one, they’re more expensive.  Two, sometimes you might finally find something in a line that works for you, but the rest of the products fall short of the mark.

I can honestly say so far, that the 100% Pure line is all fantastic.   At least the many products that I’ve tried.

I was on the hunt for an actual face wash.  Previously, I had been using Dr. Bronner’s, which works fine, but I noticed that it was making my skin too dry for the winter.   I figured that I would give the 100% Pure facial cleanser a try.

The face wash is very similar to the body wash, save for a few ingredients, which I’m guessing is to make the face wash a little more gentle on the skin.   I’ve used the body wash on my face before and it stung a little, and unless I leave the face wash on for a long time, I don’t have that problem with this.  Consistency wise, it’s the same.

Like the body wash, it foams nicely, and doesn’t dry my skin out, which is exactly what I was looking for.   I’m not too keen on the one that’s packaged in glass.   I like the glass factor, it’s the dispensing that I don’t like.   Think tabasco sauce bottle.  They recently came out with a pump version as well, which I may purchase, once I use what I have.

I’m definitely digging the 100% Pure line.  I can actually pronounce the ingredients and if there was ever a testament to its “purity”, it would be that nearly everything that I’ve ordered has arrived almost frozen (my lotion represented a thick milkshake!).  I can’t really say that about any chemically laden beauty product that I’ve gotten.   You’ll definitely see more reviews in the future.

Get it:  100% Pure foaming face wash comes in four “flavors”,  organic lavender honey, organic cranberry, cucumber juice and lemon juice.   You can order any of them off of their website.

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