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Red Flower Organic Perfume | Lovely SafeMama™

Red Flower Organic Perfume

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redflowerGoing organic with my beauty and health meant really eliminating so many things I enjoyed.  Perfume being one of them.  I sadly set aside my array of commercial perfume and went on a hunt for something safer that lacked phthalates and synthetic fragrances.  While at the gym reading a magazine I stumbled on an obscure article in a magazine that mentioned an organic perfume called Red Flower perfume oil.

These perfumes are created with a pure flower and herb distillation using USDA Certified Organic oils.  I always knew that oil based perfume vs. alcohol based perfumes were more pure and long lasting due to the slower evaporation, but since using Red Flower I do believe they work a whole lot better.

Red Flower organic perfume oils come in 3 beautiful scents: Champa (the one I like) has a floral feminine scent without smelling too much like a big flowery mess.  It’s subtle and girly… I get compliments on it often.  They also have Ambrette, more of am amber, golden warm scent and Guaiac,  which is a little bit earthy, woody but with a pretty feminie side.  Really lovely scents.

Get It: Red Flower oils come in a small 1-ish ounce glass roll on with a stainless steel roller ball for $48, or in a larger elegant crystal cut vintage bottle and stoppe, made in france for $186 – all available on their website RedFlower.com.  Red Flower also carries hair care, candles and body care items … all that I am dying to try out.  They all look  like elegant indulgences!

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