Aubrey Organics White Camellia Ultra Smoothing Conditioner

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aubrey_conditionerI’ve written extensively about my impossible curly hair.  Prior to having kids, my hair had a nice wave to it.  It wasn’t too hard to fuss with, but as I’ve now had one child and am pregnant with my second, my hair has become very hard to deal with.  There’s been quite a few days in the last couple of months where it has taken every ounce of willpower not to go running back to my tried and true Redken line of products.

Because of this, I’ve become somewhat seasoned when it comes to shampoo and conditioner.   My favorite conditioner so far has been John Master’s Avocado and Lavender Conditioner.   I use it almost exclusively, but in an effort to keep the grocery bill under budget, I opted to try something different.   I hesitantly grabbed some of the Aubrey Organics off of the shelf and called it a day.

I should have known better.   I’m a hair product snob.  I’ll admit.  I firmly believe that salon quality hair care works better.  You pay, but it lasts longer and absolutely is worth the price.   Maybe it’s due to the type of hair I have and what I’ve experienced with lesser quality products.

I really gave this conditioner a good week to get used to it, and I absolutely  hated it.    It took me 20 minutes to get a comb through it and that was with all of my other detangling products.  On top of that, my hair felt horrible when it dried.  Like wiry clay.    I don’t expect my hair to look great all the time.  I’m a mother of a toddler after all.  Some days, just getting a shower is a challenge, but I don’t like combing my hair until my head feels raw.

This conditioner might be great if your hair is straight and isn’t really finicky.  But if you have curly hair that tends to knot easily, this conditioner isn’t for you.

Get it: After telling you my awful experience, I don’t expect you to run right out and buy an Aubrey products, but if you’re so inclined to experiment yourself,  you can find Aubrey Organics on their webesite and Whole Foods.

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