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alimalipbalm I’m seriously turning into Kathy, and quickly.  This winter has been very raw and dry for us.  Something I don’t quite remember last winter, our first one back after living in California.  We’re all feeling the pain of dry skin, and my lips have been no exception.  Even my son has been becoming friends with lipbalm.  I have at least 17 tubes of it in my handbag and I use every single one.

For Christmas, my husband surprised me with some Alima Pure nourishing lipbalm.   What I love is that this lipbalm also comes tinted too.

I really love Alima Pure’s makeup.  I ended up with tons of eyeshadow samples for Christmas, which I’ve been loving all of.  But this lipbalm, I love, because not only has it been keeping my lips soft, it also adds a bit of color, which actually lasts, thanks to natural pigments.  The light colors are great for a hint of color for daytime and the darker colors are great for going out.  Use it as a base for your regular lip gloss or lipstick to keep your lips from drying out or just use it by itself.  And because they’re just a regular tube of lipbalm, it’s not big and bulky, which means you can fit one, or 20 in your handbag.

Alima Pure has several shades of this product, along with all of their products.  One of the many things I love about them.

Get it: You can order any of Alima Pure’s products, directly from their website.

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