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aloeconcealer One of the goodies I got for Christmas from Kathy, was Afterglow organic aloe concealer.   I generally don’t wear concealer, because of the weight factor, but you know, with a toddler and another on the way, I probably feel like I look more haggard than I am.  Or maybe I really do look that haggard.  Either way, I totally understand what my mother used to complain about when she said “getting old sucks.”

This is mainly meant to be used as an on the spot treatment, not as an all over foundation, but just for fun, I wanted to see what it would feel like if I used it as a foundation.   It’s not heavy.  It’s a little weird feeling.  Almost chalky at times.   It didn’t bother me to wear it, though, and it covered evenly.  I also used it as recommended and it was fabulous on the dark circles under my eyes and also worked great as a primer for my eye shadow.  I tend to notice that mineral shadow doesn’t stay on my eyelids as long, unless I use a good primer and this works perfectly.

The other benefit to this stuff is that it makes my face feel awesome after I wash it off.  The next morning, my face is not only clear, but there’s not a flake of dry skin to be found.    I’ll probably mention that again when I review the mineral powder in the near future.  It’s pretty amazing, given that my skin looks horrific due to the weather and pregnancy.

The one drawback to this, is that it does contain phenoxyethanol, which isn’t exactly a favorable ingredient, but since I use it only on special occasions and in small areas, I don’t mind that much.   But I did email the company to find out if they have any plans to switch to an alternative, and I’ll post any response I get to this review.  Other than that, the concealer comes in three different shades (which they’ll happily exchange if it’s not the right one for you) is otherwise free of other icky ingredients we like to steer clear of.

Get it: You can order any of Afterglow’s great products directly from their website.

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