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big_mascaraI’m an unfortunate soul who has jacked up stubby lashes.   I never really cared too much about what type of mascara I used, because nothing is going to magically transform my stubby puny lashes into something even remotely resembling that of a super model.  I don’t care what sort of promises the commercials make.   They’re so bad that not even false eyelashes stay on.    So in the past, I’d buy something on sale and settle for marginally better lashes.   It’s a curse, but then again, my sister always complains that I got the boobs in the family, so I guess we’re even.

But, then I started to worry about the issue of chemicals in my mascara.   Not only petrochemcicals, but anti bacterials, fragrance,  minute levels of…. mercury?   So I stopped using mascara after my son was born.   Much like everything else, I rarely had time (or reason) to wear it when he was really young.    But for Christmas, I wanted all the girly goodies to feel good about myself again, and one of the things I asked for was some 100% Pure fruit pigmented mascara.   Even though I really love all of the 100% Pure products that I had tried, I was still kind of skeptical about how it would work.   I mean, isn’t chemicals what gives you those so-called fabulously long lashes (well, in other people anyway)?     But much like everything else in this greener journey, the only way I’ll find out is by trying.

Fruit pigment me surprised, this stuff is pretty good.   It hasn’t turned my lashes into supermodel lashes,  but it did make them look more presentable.  It doesn’t clump and it also didn’t irritate my eyes, which has happened to me in the past and I know is also a big factor for a lot of people with sensitive eyes.   It also didn’t smudge or fade.  And came off easily with some soap and water.   Also, I should point out that it smells awesome.   Yes, mascara that smells good.   It actually smells like fruit.  It’s kind of bizarre at first, but it grows on you.   I’ve also heard a lot of people complain about this mascara being dry.  I’m not an expert, but so far, I haven’t found that to be the case.  In fact, most of the conventional drug store mascaras that I’ve used have always been too goopy for my liking, so this stuff works like a charm for me.   I’m definitely loving this stuff,  so why ruin a good thing?

Get it: The 100% Pure makeup line, including the mascara, is only available through QVC, which you can order directly online.  However, my husband was able to find some on ebay for a little bit cheaper, so it’s worth trying to shop around.

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