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primaveraI joined Saffron Rouge’s sample club a little while back, figuring that it would be nice to try different products without having to buy them.   Given the economy and the price of natural/organic skin care, this is a great option for people who are looking for some new favorites without worrying about wasting money on something that ended up never being used again (something Kathy and I have both done a lot since starting this journey).

One of the samples I received was for a few different Primavera products, which I had been wanting to try out for awhile now.   Included were two different facial moisturizers, one was a nourishing face cream and the second was a hydrating face cream.  Primavera is a German based company, using the highest quality ingredients.   I don’t generally see their products in stores that often, and only in a few places online.  Their products are really expensive, given their ingredients and the fact that they’re from Europe

Both of them were nice.  They worked well, and didn’t smell offensive, but to be honest I didn’t really notice a difference between the two.   If I had to pick a difference, I’d say the hydrating cream was slightly more oily, which is to be expected, but they both soothed my dry flaky face without causing redness or irritation (great for those of us with sensitive skin).   Would I buy it for myself?  Probably not at $70-80 a jar, but it’s definitely something that I will put on a wish list for birthdays and Christmas.  In the meantime, there are other less expensive alternatives out there that work just about as good as Primavera.

Get it: If you’re in the mood to pamper yourself, or you have some extra cash lying around, you can get the full Primavera line at Saffron Rouge.

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