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bblotionstickNow that winter is full upon us (though technically, the first day of winter is next week), my skin has decided to revolt.   There is nothing really that seems to be helping my skin.  It’s itchy, dry, flaky and scaly.  I’d blame it on pregnancy hormones, but my poor toddler’s skin is much the same way.   We try to keep as hydrated and sealed as possible, but we’re fighting a losing battle.

So instead of trying to win, we’re just hoping to keep the playing field even.  I have a heavy artillery of lotions, bars, lip balms and other things to help with our winter skin.

One of my musts this winter, is our Bubble and Bee lotion stick.  I love it because it’s a stick, not a tube, so you get more for less and a little goes a long way.  It’s also very portable and inexpensive.  So I can stock up and keep them in my handbag, a diaper bag, and just about every other corner of my home.  It’s great for all over the skin, but especially great for sealing your hands while you’re out and about.

If you’ve read here or over at SafeMama for any length of time, you’ll know that we LOVE Bubble and Bee’s products.   They’re always up front about their ingredients, because they have nothing to hide.  They’re safe for both kids and adults alike.  And another thing I love is that you have other options aside of lavender, such as orange, lime coconut (I’m addicted to this scent, I can’t even begin to tell you how good it smells), and chai, to name a few.

Is your skin suffering like ours?  Head over to Stephanie’s blog and read her tips for helping your skin through winter.

Get It: You can get all of Bubble and Bee’s awesome products directly online and enjoy 15% off your entire order using code wintermom3

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revolution organicsAs a working mom on the go, I am always interested in finding safe products that are multi-purpose. So when I found Revolution Organics I went crazy over their All-Over Body Balm.  This hefty tube of balm has over 22 possible uses.  How can it get better than that?  I’d rather replace the tubes of hand lotions, lip balms, cuticle balms and baby cream in my diaper bag with this ONE  handy compact tube.  It has a light citrus scent and really is a wonderful moisturizer.  I use this as a lip balm, rub it on my hands and cuticles, relieve wind chapped kid cheeks and it can help with frizz when you’re in a pinch.

Revolution Organics uses no synthetic ingredients, parabens, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals and they don’t test on animals.  They are also certified USDA Organic which is only reserved for products with 95% organic ingredients.  Now that’s something I can live with!  After trying and failing with many Certified Organic products either due to their lack of performance or the overpowering smell (Aveda Organics I’m talking about you) I have really fallen in love with Revolution Organics.

They also offer a few other gret products including an All-Over Skin Creme (I keep in on my desk for hands and elbows during my workday) and a yummy All Over Lip Balm that I’m dying to try.

Get It: Pick up any Revolution Organics products at Saffron Rouge, Lilou Organics or on

Along with fussy hair, I have fussy skin.  I have slight rosacea, with combination skin.  Lotion tends to make my skin break out and still manage to not take care of the dry flakes.   And on top of that, it feels like I’m wearing a greasy lead apron on my face, which I don’t deal well with.   I got a couple of samples of Dr. Hauschka’s Regenerating Day Cream and Regenerating Night Serum.

The day cream is very light.  I’m not overly in love with the smell of it.  It’s citrusy, but not in a light sort of way.   It’s not overly heavy and absorbs nicely.  And, it takes care of my dry skin, which has been exacerbated by the sudden onset of winter in the northeast over the last few days.  It did seem to make my face break out a little, so if you’re prone to lotion making you break out, this might not be for you.

The night time serum is a little bit better as it’s a serum, so the texture is much much lighter.  After exfoliating my skin, and using tea tree oil pads, I applied the serum, which soothed my skin.  It absorbed immediately and didn’t feel oily.   The next morning, I noticed a difference in the even color of my skin.  Not too red, or blotchy, which normally tends to happen to me the next day after I exfoliate my skin.  I also noticed that the dark patches on my face (age spots.  Getting old sucks!) seem a little lighter.

Overall, I would probably use the night serum over the day cream, just due to the nature of my skin.   But both of them work really well.  This is my first run with Dr. Hauschka products and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.  But it does have a few more chemically sounding ingredients for my liking.   This brand for me, at least, will require a little bit more research.

Get It: You can find a wide array of Dr. Hauschka’s products at most Whole Foods stores, or you can order online at Saffron Rouge.

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