Burts Bees Garden Tomato Toner

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This is one of those products that has been on and off in my rotation for years.  Even though Burts Bees has sold out to the big evil conglomerate, I still like a lot of their products as they work well and most are very affordable.  I haven’t used this particular product in a while, but if you’ve read my other post regarding the host of attractive red bumps I have, thanks to pregnancy, you’ll understand why I’m now feverishly looking to find something safer for use.  I shudder to think at the products I used while I was pregnant with my son, and this time, I start get anxiety ridden if a paraben so much as glances my way.

I love this stuff because I can use it between face washings and it doesn’t dry my skin out.  I feel refreshed and less oily.   The smell leaves a little bit to be desired, as in STRONG, but right now, I don’t care if it smells like a corpse flower, (ok, maybe not that) so long as it works.  For the size of the bottle, you get a lot for the cost.   Even if you used this every day, a bottle of this size should last you awhile.   This particular toner is great if you have oily skin.  It really does take that lovely over shine off of your face.

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