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Organicare USDA Certified Organic Skincare | Lovely SafeMama™

Organicare USDA Certified Organic Skincare

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OrganicareI stumbled on Organicare skin care a while ago and I can’t recall where.  But I was able to test out a sample of their Clarity Control Blemish Fighting AHA Serum the last few weeks and I had to share my find with you.  Organicare is a USDA Certified skin care line that focuses on the skin problems we all face.  Whether its aging, acne or prevention – Organicare has developed skin care lines to address them with organic ingredients.

I know many of you are looking for something to control acne and I really believe this skin care line can solve that problem really well.  As a reformed Proactiv user (I don’t have bad acne issues but it helped me address random breakouts) I was desperate to find something to replace it.  Organicare’s Clarity Control Blemish Fighting AHA Serum has really helped with those random blemishes I used to get.

It works the same way a toner might work… I put a squirt or two on a cotton ball and swipe over blemish prone areas to keep the oily areas clear.  I am really interested in trying the rest of this line to see if the other products perform as well.

Get It: Buy it online on iCareOrganics.com

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