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Burts Bees Blemish Stick | Lovely SafeMama™

Burts Bees Blemish Stick

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Now that I’m settling into my second pregnancy, I’m fortunate enough to have been blessed with blemishes just about all over my body.  Last time around, I might have ran to the closest Sephora and found the most chemically laden product for blemishes.  Last time around, I had fabulously gorgeous skin, with nary a pimple in sight.  This time around?  I’m making up for the last time around three fold.  I never even had this many blemishes in high school.  Thank you pregnancy hormones for putting me in my place.

So I’ve been sort of at a loss for products, as I don’t seem to have typical pimples, but more like a rash of hard red bumps on my chest, neck and face.  Then I remembered I had gotten the Burt’s Bee’s Herbal Blemish Stick, somewhere in my travels.

I have to admit, I’m skeptical of natural products going up against something as heavy duty as my acne seems to be.   But this stuff works like a charm.  It smells horrible, but it works.  My face is bump free and my neck and chest seem to be on the mend.   I think if applied regularly (just not if you’re going out in public, lest people wonder where the hell that “smell” is coming from) it’ll keep my pesky red bumps at bay.

Get it: You can order Burts Bees Blemish stick directly from our Amazon Affiliate shop!

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