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This is my first real and true foray into mineral makeup.  Sure I’ve bought makeup, but it was mainly the occasional lip gloss or something small.  I have to admit, since my son was born, I’ve been going au naturel, and not because I’ve wanted to.  Mainly it’s due to time, but it’s also a large in part due to the fact that I haven’t gotten around to replacing my old paraben laden makeup with something better for me.  I figured it was better to just go without, rather than slather my old MAC studio fix on my face every day.

The thing about mineral makeup, is there’s really only a few brands out there that would pass our stringent ingredients list and Alima is one of them.  Alima’s products are about as pure as they get.  No artificial pigments or fragrances.  And best of all, no preservatives.  Just pure minerals.   It’s great for people who have sensitive skin.

I tried out some of the loose powder foundation and some loose powder eye shadow.   Because the sample was a little small, I have limited experience with the foundation, but what I’ve tried I’ve liked so far.  It goes on evenly and smoothly.  There are definite techniques to using mineral makeup as it’s a different texture than regular conventional makeup.

The eye shadows come in really great colors and a little bit goes a long way since it’s a loose powder.  When I first put it on, I was kind of taken back by the sparkly of it, as I tend to be a matte girl for every day use.  I kind of felt as if I was going out to do a show in Vegas.   But it soon grew on me and I love it.  It gives my eyes more depth.  I definitely plan on getting more.

Kathy Weighs In

I’m a habitual mineral make up gal.  While I absolutely HATE the mess of it, it works better for me than any liquid foundation has.  My sensitive skin can tolerate it and it covers evenly without looking like I caked a layer on with a spatula.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back to liquid, and now that there are a bevy of mineral lines that are natural I won’t have to.

I’ve been using Bare Minerals and really do like it, but the thing that I love about Alima is the color selection.  With Bare Minerals you have to put yourself into one of only 3 shade groups.  That has worked well for me since I fit into the niddle range pretty well, Alima has 60 shades, so no matter what color your skin is, there is a foundation combination to match it.  I’ll be investing in this line for sure.

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