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This is one of those products that has been on and off in my rotation for years.  Even though Burts Bees has sold out to the big evil conglomerate, I still like a lot of their products as they work well and most are very affordable.  I haven’t used this particular product in a while, but if you’ve read my other post regarding the host of attractive red bumps I have, thanks to pregnancy, you’ll understand why I’m now feverishly looking to find something safer for use.  I shudder to think at the products I used while I was pregnant with my son, and this time, I start get anxiety ridden if a paraben so much as glances my way.

I love this stuff because I can use it between face washings and it doesn’t dry my skin out.  I feel refreshed and less oily.   The smell leaves a little bit to be desired, as in STRONG, but right now, I don’t care if it smells like a corpse flower, (ok, maybe not that) so long as it works.  For the size of the bottle, you get a lot for the cost.   Even if you used this every day, a bottle of this size should last you awhile.   This particular toner is great if you have oily skin.  It really does take that lovely over shine off of your face.

Get It: Order Burts Bees Garden Tomato Toner directly from

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I’ve gotten used to the subtle scents of natural beauty products.  In a way, this is a good thing, as I feel as if phthalates have made us hard wired to think that we need our body wash to smell heavily like fake floral or fruit scents.   I like smelling clean, not like my great aunt’s perfume cabinet.  That said, because you’re hard wired to want to smell like a fruit salad, sometimes, that’s not such a bad thing.  Good smells are appealing, and are great memory triggers.  Sometimes, you just want to smell like a girl.

Enter the 100% Pure beauty line.  I came across this line of products and saw a pink grapefruit body wash and I had to try it.  I don’t know what it is about me and pink grapefruit, but I love it.  I had been looking for one about a year before all of the chemically laden bath companies released them.  What can I say, I’m ahead of my time.

When I first poured some of the body wash on my washcloth, I was surprised.  It’s kind of…watery.  I was a little disappointed because I figured that watery = no lather.   I worried over nothing.  It held a nice mild lather with one single application and left my skin feeling soft and smooth.  In fact, when I shaved afterwards, my skin felt great.  Not tight and dry like it normally does.

I topped my shower off with one of their awesome body creams, in honey pear, which was just like the old days.  It was so fragrant and nice.  And you know what?  My skin is STILL smooth after being in jeans all day.  And no lotion has ever done that.  Especially when winter has appeared on our front door overnight and the dry heat has been running.

The 100% Pure products contain no synthetic chemicals or fillers of any kind.  Everything is scented with fruit extracts and smells great.  They have a wide variety of products, including fruit pigmented cosmetics, a full line of facial care and body care.   This is a product line that I will always keep on hand.

Get it: Order 100% Pure products directly online.

Bonus! We’ve got a jar of Strawberry Lemonade Juicy body scrub AND a bottle of coconut body lotion up for grabs.   Here’s how you can win:

1. Send an email to with the subject “100% Pure Giveaway” in the subject line.  Please include both your name AND address in the email.

2. Log onto the 100% Pure website and find your favorite product and tell us what it is.

You must follow steps 1&2 in order to qualify for this giveaway.  All information given, is not sold or used other than to notify the winner.   Winner will be drawn at midnight December 4th. Contest open to US & Canadian residents only.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of prizes.

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In the never ending quest to get rid of my pregnancy blemishes, I’ve become a walking apothecary of natural remedies to keep the scary at bay.  I’ve been using the Burts Bees Blemish stick, which works well for the most part, but there were some heavy duty pimples on my neck that seemed to be like kryptonite to the blemish stick.   Exfoliation helps a little, but I don’t want to walk around in turtlenecks until May.  While we were grocery shopping the other day, I was perusing the beauty section of Whole Foods and came across Desert Essence’s Facial Cleansing Pads with tea tree oil.  Why I didn’t think of tea tree oil before, is beyond me, but I will milk my “pregnancy brain” for all it’s worth, thank you very much!

The one good thing about these is that they’re pretty inexpensive.  Some of the skin care regimens can get really pricey, and not that I mind spending money on something that works, but with being in a recession, I’ll gladly take something effective and cheap.  There are no chemical ingredients or preservatives in these pads, which I love.  I exfoliated first and swabbed my face with a pad and then had to scrape myself off the ceiling, because they burned (organic grain alcohol).  They also smell HORRIBLE.  Like a cross between alcohol and motor oil, but because I woke up with clear skin the next morning, I’m willing to overlook that minor fact.   They got dirt off that even a conventional acne pad never seemed to remove.    Overall, I really like the way they work.  Not perfect, but I don’t have to hide my face and neck anymore.

Get it: You can order Desert Essence Cleansing Pads directly from Amazon or find them in most Whole Foods stores.

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One of the last things I ever really thought to replace in my “beauty” cabinet was personal lubricant.  I’ll venture to guess that it may not have crossed your mind either.  But let’s face it, we all have sex and we’ve all used lubricant.  I’m actually somewhat surprised that I didn’t find this stuff sooner as my, err, girly parts tend to be extra sensitive, so I sought out long ago to find something that was less harsh on my skin.   When I look at the ingredients on something conventional, I’m aghast.  “They expect people to put that WHERE?”

Propylene Glycol, parabens, ALCOHOL.  No wonder this stuff was giving me an adverse reaction, because there’s just nothing natural about that stuff.  Gross.   So as a joke, Kathy and I like to find the most ludicrous thing we can think of and see if they make it in an organic version.   And that’s how I stumbled upon Firefly Organics.  I wish I would have found this stuff years ago.   While the name says organics, the product itself is technically not organic, BUT, all the ingredients are completely all natural and preservative free.  There is nary a paraben nor polymer to be found in this bottle.  In fact, Firefly is so safe, that you don’t even have to wash it off if you don’t want to (and really, have you ever tried to wash off conventional lube?  Forget it).

What can I say about this stuff?  I love it.  When I first opened the bottle it reminded me a lot of olive oil.  The feel of it isn’t at all sticky or overly greasy.  A little goes a long way and unlike conventional lubricants, it doesn’t get tacky over time, so you never need more.  The aloe vera soothes so there’s no burning afterward.   This is just an all around great product.   I’ll never use anything else.  And dare I say that it makes me want to get randy more often.  And being pregnant while chasing around a toddler, that’s saying something.

Get it: You can order Firefly Organics directly from their website.  A bottle retails for $18.95, but it’s a big bottle and it should last you a long time.  Unless of course, you party like a rock star.  In which case, better get a few bottles.

Bonus! LovelyMama has one bottle of Firefly Organics to giveaway.   Here’s how to enter:

Send an email to with the subject “Firefly Giveaway” and include the following:

1. Include in your email, your full name AND address.

2. Tell us what you’re currently using and what you like or don’t like about it.

You must complete BOTH steps in order to qualify.  Don’t worry, we don’t sell or give your information to anyone.  Only to contact you if you are the winner.  One winner will be chosen at random.  We’ll accept drawings until Midnight, December 1st. Contest is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only.   Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of goods as we’re getting close to holiday crunch time.

OrganicareI stumbled on Organicare skin care a while ago and I can’t recall where.  But I was able to test out a sample of their Clarity Control Blemish Fighting AHA Serum the last few weeks and I had to share my find with you.  Organicare is a USDA Certified skin care line that focuses on the skin problems we all face.  Whether its aging, acne or prevention – Organicare has developed skin care lines to address them with organic ingredients.

I know many of you are looking for something to control acne and I really believe this skin care line can solve that problem really well.  As a reformed Proactiv user (I don’t have bad acne issues but it helped me address random breakouts) I was desperate to find something to replace it.  Organicare’s Clarity Control Blemish Fighting AHA Serum has really helped with those random blemishes I used to get.

It works the same way a toner might work… I put a squirt or two on a cotton ball and swipe over blemish prone areas to keep the oily areas clear.  I am really interested in trying the rest of this line to see if the other products perform as well.

Get It: Buy it online on

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AlimaOur friends at Fig+Sage are doing a great giveaway of two gorgeous sets of the new Alima Pure Gift Sets they just released for the holidays.  There are 3 sets in total and they all have really beautiful color palettes.  We reviewed Alima Pure not too long ago and we were both really pleased with the products and the natural feel of this line.  Alima released 3 Holiday Gift Sets that are beautifully complimentary without being overly bright.  Very subtle rich colors.

Head on over to Fig+Sage to enter to win two sets: Fig+Sage

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It’s unfortunate that I have fine hair, and lots of it.  The problem with this is that even though I have naturally curly hair, it STILL doesn’t hold a curl all day.  Sure I can just scrunch and go, but by the end of the day, my hair is flat, my curls look like I spent all day in bed.  It’s just not pretty.  So in summary, I need some sort of hair spray.  Just a light coating.

I searched for awhile to find a hair spray that wasn’t completely synthetic.  Let’s face it, finding a hair spray that will actually hold your hair and still be safe is going to be a challenge.   I did a little research on Cosmetics Safety Database, (which we do advise to take with a grain of salt) and found that Giovanni’s L.A. Hold Hair Spritz had a rating of 2, which is considered relatively safe.  Bonus that you can get it in Target and not have to run all over God’s creation to find it.  Because while I will go to the ends of the earth for hair products, doing it with a toddler proves to be a bit more difficult.

The good thing is that it does what it’s supposed to do.  It holds my hair in place like it should.  It’s not overly sticky and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling too crunchy when it dries.

The bad things are that a small bottle is about seven bucks, which would be fine, but I seem to need more of it and therefore feel as if I’m buying a bottle every week.  It also seems to make my hair feel a little on the dry side.  It’s not terribly bad, and I might be inclined to continue using it if they made it in a bigger bottle.

For now, this works, and it’s not horrible but once I find the motivation, I’ll be on the hunt for something else.

Get It: You can order Giovanni’s hair spritz directly online or you can find it in most local Target Stores.

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Now that I’m settling into my second pregnancy, I’m fortunate enough to have been blessed with blemishes just about all over my body.  Last time around, I might have ran to the closest Sephora and found the most chemically laden product for blemishes.  Last time around, I had fabulously gorgeous skin, with nary a pimple in sight.  This time around?  I’m making up for the last time around three fold.  I never even had this many blemishes in high school.  Thank you pregnancy hormones for putting me in my place.

So I’ve been sort of at a loss for products, as I don’t seem to have typical pimples, but more like a rash of hard red bumps on my chest, neck and face.  Then I remembered I had gotten the Burt’s Bee’s Herbal Blemish Stick, somewhere in my travels.

I have to admit, I’m skeptical of natural products going up against something as heavy duty as my acne seems to be.   But this stuff works like a charm.  It smells horrible, but it works.  My face is bump free and my neck and chest seem to be on the mend.   I think if applied regularly (just not if you’re going out in public, lest people wonder where the hell that “smell” is coming from) it’ll keep my pesky red bumps at bay.

Get it: You can order Burts Bees Blemish stick directly from our Amazon Affiliate shop!

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This is my first real and true foray into mineral makeup.  Sure I’ve bought makeup, but it was mainly the occasional lip gloss or something small.  I have to admit, since my son was born, I’ve been going au naturel, and not because I’ve wanted to.  Mainly it’s due to time, but it’s also a large in part due to the fact that I haven’t gotten around to replacing my old paraben laden makeup with something better for me.  I figured it was better to just go without, rather than slather my old MAC studio fix on my face every day.

The thing about mineral makeup, is there’s really only a few brands out there that would pass our stringent ingredients list and Alima is one of them.  Alima’s products are about as pure as they get.  No artificial pigments or fragrances.  And best of all, no preservatives.  Just pure minerals.   It’s great for people who have sensitive skin.

I tried out some of the loose powder foundation and some loose powder eye shadow.   Because the sample was a little small, I have limited experience with the foundation, but what I’ve tried I’ve liked so far.  It goes on evenly and smoothly.  There are definite techniques to using mineral makeup as it’s a different texture than regular conventional makeup.

The eye shadows come in really great colors and a little bit goes a long way since it’s a loose powder.  When I first put it on, I was kind of taken back by the sparkly of it, as I tend to be a matte girl for every day use.  I kind of felt as if I was going out to do a show in Vegas.   But it soon grew on me and I love it.  It gives my eyes more depth.  I definitely plan on getting more.

Kathy Weighs In

I’m a habitual mineral make up gal.  While I absolutely HATE the mess of it, it works better for me than any liquid foundation has.  My sensitive skin can tolerate it and it covers evenly without looking like I caked a layer on with a spatula.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back to liquid, and now that there are a bevy of mineral lines that are natural I won’t have to.

I’ve been using Bare Minerals and really do like it, but the thing that I love about Alima is the color selection.  With Bare Minerals you have to put yourself into one of only 3 shade groups.  That has worked well for me since I fit into the niddle range pretty well, Alima has 60 shades, so no matter what color your skin is, there is a foundation combination to match it.  I’ll be investing in this line for sure.

Get it: Order any of their products on their website

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Since having to give up my Lush bath products (we’ll get to that post another day, ladies), I’ve been watching my garden tub with a lot of sadness and misery. Having a toddler means that taking a plain bath, while also enjoyable, is just not good enough. I need fluff and froofy girly bath products. I need something tactile.

So when I stumbled upon Moodygurl’s bath products, I immediately had to try them. I’ve been looking for sugar scrubs and bubble bars for awhile now and Moodygurl has both.  I tried the pink grapefruit sugar scrub out, which smells heavenly.  Nice and light.  It works well and doesn’t dry out my skin.  I can probably use this to exfoliate my face.

The bath taffy.  Holy mother.  It’s in a word… AWESOME! It’s very creamy and half a bar will make more than enough bubbles.  The best part is that it’s free of SLS‘s, even though it makes enough bubbles to last your whole bath (I hate it when the bubbles disappear half way through).

Most of Moodygurl’s products are made from natural ingredients, however there are a few scents where fragrance oils are utilized, and those are:  Portland Rain, Cherry Blossom and Coconut Lime.  All her fragrances are phthalate free!  All others are made with natural essential oils and have just enough of a scent for it to be pleasing, but not overpowering.  I can’t handle strong scents anymore, so this works for me.

She also has some great “Moody Mud, which is like aromatherapy and play-doh mixed together.  Great for stress relief and just all around fun.

Get It: You can order any of the products listed direct from Moodygurl’s Etsy site.  Seriously, what did I do before Etsy was around?

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