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Intelligent Nutrients: Lip Delivery Nutrition | Lovely SafeMama™

Intelligent Nutrients: Lip Delivery Nutrition

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Intelligent NutrientsOne of the first items from my Saffron Rouge deliveries was a lip balm from Intelligent Nutrients.  For those not familiar, Intelligent Nutrients is a company founded by the man responsible for Aveda,  which he later sold to Estee Lauder.  His new company bases it’s products on the objective of health through organic ingredients.  The product lines range from hair and scalp care to vitamin supplements to help battle the effects of aging and hydration of the skin and hair.  They even go so far as create organic sugar substitutes and organic coffee.

Intelligent Nutrients Lip DeliveryBack to the lip balm.  I was excited about this one since I had to retire my petroleum based Soft Lips lip balm which I loved for the slim packaging.  Lip Delivery Nutrition is a daily wear lip balm packed with moisturizing organic emollients to heal and moisten dry lips while delivering antioxidants to help prevent aging.  One of the things that age visibly on women is their lips, and while I’m not a total wrinkle fest yet, I am 32 and starting to see the lines that will form if my family doesn’t get off my back and let me take a nap once in a while.  (Ok I’m kidding…. no, not really.)

All of their products are Certified Organic and contain no icky parabens, synthetic ingredients or fragrances. I am really curious about the hair products, as you all know we are always on a quest for better hair care… but a bottle of Hair Cleanser is $39. The Lip Delivery Nutrition is $17.  If this stuff is as anti-aging as they say it is, it just might be worth the price.

Splurge: You can pick up many of their products on SaffronRouge.com

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