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John Masters Week: Hair Pomade | Lovely SafeMama™

John Masters Week: Hair Pomade

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I’ve never been a big pomade fan.  I don’t like sticky products in my hair.  I don’t have the right texture or type of hair to warrant using conventional pomades.  I suppose the fact that I have long hair, I don’t generally see the need for one.   I mainly bought this in the interest of… science, yeah that’s it, science.

I was pleasantly surprised that this stuff is almost a balm, and in fact, because it’s not sticky at all, you can definitely use this on your skin as a balm as well.   Even though it’s greasy, it doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy.  It softens it up well when I need a little extra product to tame the mane.   I don’t use this every day, but when I do use it, it’s works well and because it’s a nice lotion alternative, I don’t have to waste.  I simply rub the rest of it into my skin.

A 2 ounce tin will run you about $20, which I know seems steep, but most salon quality products are going to cost you.  And their products work very well,  which is why I stand behind them.   I just use so much less, which in the long run is actually saving me money.

Get It: Order the hair pomade directly off of John Master’s website.

Tomorrow’s last review will contain all the information regarding the giveaway.   Including extra chances to win!

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