John Masters Week: Dry Hair & Nourishment Defrizzer

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Because of the nature of my hair (read: weird), I tend to need a defrizzer to straighten it.  I leave it curly most of the time, but when I want it straight, I put a dab of the nourishment defrizzer and all is right in the world.  I also use a tiny bit on my ends when I leave it curly to make them look more even.  It helps control the fly aways and controls the mushroom head puff that I get from blowing my hair out.

The serum itself is different than your traditional serums because it uses essential oils as fragrance as well as real olive oil, unlike the traditional serums, which use a synthetic polymer type ingredient.   Olive oil has great properties for your hair and skin.  It’s great for diaper rash,  as a deep conditioning treatment for really dry processed hair, and it’s also good for your nails, to name a few uses.

Because it uses olive oil, you really REALLY only need a drop or two, otherwise, you will have oily hair.   The smell of this product is absolutely heavenly.  It smells like fresh rosemary.  So if you like rosemary, you’ll probably like this product.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Statia, do you really use ALL of these products?”  And truthfully (and somewhat shamefully, because I am a sucker for good hair products), yes I actually do use all of these products.   I might not be as much of an expert in makeup as Kathy.  I mean, I can hold my own, but I am an expert in hair products, because I’m always on the lookout for something that will make my hair look salon fabulous (when I actually take the time to look salon fabulous, I am a mother of a toddler after all).   I’m extremely picky about my hair products.

Get it: You can purchase this product as well as all John Masters products directly from their website.

And the big day is almost here.  We’ll be revealing the big John Masters giveaway tomorrow!  So stay tuned.

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