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John Masters Organics WeekWelcome to LovelyMama’s John Masters Organics Week!  We’ll be featuring at least one John Masters Organics product each day and we’ll lead up to a big fabulous John Masters giveaway on Friday.  Believe me, you want to win this.  It is taking massive amounts of will power not to keep it ourselves.  So stay tuned this week and be sure to pop back on Friday for the rad giveaway details.

To get us started I wanted to talk about their shampoo because one thing that was really hard to change for me was my shampoo.  I was a Redken woman for years and have curly (with frizzy tendencies) and also get regular highlights done.  (I know… but until they start making an eco-friendly salon in my area I refuse to stop).  So finding a shampoo that performs well on my hair is a challenge.  I also wanted something that was safe for color treated hair as well because let’s face it ladies, color treatments are not cheap.  So you want them to last until your next touch up and I’ll be damned if I’m going to wash out those golden low lights with a crappy shampoo.

John Masters Organics Lavender Rosemary ShampooI gave John Masters Organics a try and started with their Lavender Rosemary Shampoo for normal hair.  This shampoo is made with pure coconut soap (which evidently is also great for curls) with herbal infusions of periwinkle, sage leaves, chamomile flowers.   This wonderful concoction cleans well without leaving hair greasy or stripped.  John Masters doesn’t use Sodium Lauryl Sulfates in their products or synthetic ingredients so it doesn’t have that overly foaming quality which is usually the result of those kinds of ingredients.  However it does lather and does the job really well.  The herbal mix helps hair resist the stress of pollution, coloring and styling. Best yet? Totally safe for color-treated hair. Woo!

A bottle retails for about $16 but with this shampoo you don’t need a lot to get your hair clean and skipping a day is totally an option.  So you’re using less shampoo (which is always a key to making your beauty routine safer).

Get it: You can order any of their fabulous products from their website:

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