DIY Ingredient: Organic Coconut Oil

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Organic Coconut OilLots of organic skin and body care contains coconut derived ingredients and some contain coconut oil.  Since I have started greening my beauty routines I have become far more interested in home made spa recipes.  One ingredient I found to be particularly awesome is Organic Coconut Oil.  You can buy a jar of it in the natural foods section of the grocery store (or online) and while yes, it is great for cooking (stir fry!) it is also a really moisturizing emollient.

Coconut oil is great for dry skin… and we’ve all had our bouts of the flakiness come winter months, while some of use suffer from more persistent dryness.  A coconut oil massage before a shower or bath can do wonders for your skin.  Some recommend using it on dry hair as a “mask” to restore shiny frizz free hair.  Some of us have dry spots in areas like cuticles, elbows, knees, lips and feet.

The nice part about it is, in the jar its in a solid form and only turns to oil once warmed up with your hands. One of my peeves with some body oils is the utter mess I make applying them.  Its on the floor, on the counter and all over the bottle.  Since coconut oil is in a sold state at room temperature applying it is considerably less messy.

Something else to note is the lack of fragrance.  When I bought a jar my immediate assumption was that I’d open the jar and smell the tropical no mistaking scent of coconuts.  Not the case.  It is completely odorless when bought this way.  (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has that telltale coconut smell)

LovelyMama Moisturizing Body Scrub

  • 1/2 cup organic coconut oil
  • 1 cup organic raw sugar (or fine)
  • 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil (orange oil works well for a day scrub)

Mix organic coconut oil, sugar and 1-2 drops of essential oil of choice (I like lavender but some people don’t so choose whatever strikes your fancy).  You can let this solidify a bit in the refrigerator if you want a solid scrub or use it as a warm oil scrub.  Scrub gently all over and rinse.

Edited to add: Lovely reader Rachael wrote in to remind us that coconut oil can also be used as a sexual lubricant!  Nice!  However not suitable for use with condoms and beware if you have any kind of coconut related allergies… that could get ugly.  Thanks Rachael!

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