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Weleda Skin FoodThis product isn’t really new news for many, and I’ve seen it mentioned on various beauty sites, but I couldn’t very well not dedicate a post to it considering the nature of this lotion.  I hesitate to call it that because when I think of lotion a certain texture comes to mind and Weleda Skin Food most certainly doesn’t fit that idea, and I’ll tell you why.

My creams, lotions and balms fall into 3 categories.  1) After-shower, 2) Desk worthy, and 3) Nightstand.  After shower potions need to be luxurious but not overly greasy, although I am known to indulge in body oil from time to time.  Desk worthy items need to be ultra moisturizing but MUST absorb fast because I don’t have time to wait during my peak 3 hours of alone/work time waiting for oils or butters to soak in.  Greasy keyboards are not cool.  Finally, the nightstand group.  This coveted spot goes to products that earned my love and devotion.  They can be thick and creamy and suitable for overnight moisturizer.  Weleda Skin Food falls into this category.

It comes out looking almost like some kind of epoxy used to glue things together but once its distributed it does actually feed your skin.  This stuff is great for stubborn rough spots, hands, cuticles, elbows, knees, etc. I recommend night use so it has a chance to soak in – but I am also known to use this on car trips when I’m not driving. (I like to do little spa treatments in the car on long trips).

Weleda is one of the few companies I trust 100% and feel better knowing that their products aren’t filled with parabens, phthalates, or synthetic ingredients.  They have a vast collection of products, many of which I use and love.  This one is no different.  This cream is like dessert for your skin.

Get Some: You can find small sample sizes and full sizes of Weleda Skin Food right now at your local Target, or online on Amazon.com, or direct from Weleda’s Online Store.  (I am just dying to try the Foot Cream now…)

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