Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant & Deodorant Tips for Switching

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Weleda Wild Rose DeodorantOne of the first things I did when greening my beauty routine was look for a new deodorant.  Upon hearing and reading the dangers of putting aluminum, parabens and phthalates on my armpits every single day, I went looking for something safer.  I started off with the natural first step and that was Tom’s of Maine, which didn’t work so well for me, so I switched to JASON brand.  Then I read up on propylene glycol and decided to really go for the safest thing I could find.  I took a chance on Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant and am really happy with the results.

Statia weighs in: I actually have the Citrus scent and I like it.  One of the things that I DON’T like about this deodorant is that the first ingredient is alcohol.  It’s effective, but after awhile, it can be irritating to the armpits and if you’ve just shaved, stand back.  Overall, it’s not a bad deodorant, but I don’t use it that often.  The other drawback to this is that when I am wearing it, and I forget, I wonder where the hell the smell of booze is coming from, and I realize it’s not a mixed drink, it’s me! Maybe wearing this when you’re going to go out isn’t a good idea.  God forbid you get pulled over…

Weleda makes 3 scents of deodorant, Wild Rose, Sage and Citrus.  It’s a spray, packaged in a lovely glass bottle (if you’re ridding yourself of plastic this is awesome, some might not think so), not ever tested in animals they only use the safest natural ingredients possible.  The only small downside to this deodorant is that there is a sting factor if you’ve just shaved.  So far, this hasn’t been a big drawback for me… a little sting or pasting toxic chemicals on my pits.  It’s a fair trade off.

A few things to remember when switching to a safer deodorant:

Be patient. You’ll need at least 2 weeks to adjust, so if you go a couple days on a new deodorant and you smell this could mean your body is still ridding itself of toxins.  You might have to try a brand or two to find the right one for your body chemistry too, so give it some time.

Exfoliate. Its a good idea to GENTLY exfoliate your armpits once in a while to remove any dead skin blocking your sweat glands and pores.  Use a really soft washcloth and gently massage the area.  Don’t use scrubs or salts as this might damage the delicate skin of your armpits.

Sweat! The reason deodorant makers put Aluminum in their product is to prevent you from sweating.  There is a major problem with this in that you are supposed to sweat, sweating is your body’s way of ridding itself from toxins and impurities.   Once your body is used to not having antiperspirant it can actually regulate your sweating.  Since switching to Weleda I have not noticed being “wet” unless I am huffing and puffing on the treadmill, in which case who cares.  What matters is I don’t SMELL like sweat.

Let’s talk about B.O.  I have read that diet has an effect on your smell so pay attention to what you ate prior to discovering your pits smelling a little ripe.  Some say red meat is a culprit.  Being perfectly honest, once my body regulated and adapted to my new safer deodorant I rarely if ever smell.  Not even in the hot sun, not after I work out, and even if I skip a day showering.  For the sake of science, I’ll admit I skip a day here and there. (What, like you never did? Don’t front…)

Get It: You can find Weleda Deodorants in our Amazon store as well as on one of our favorite retailers Saffron Rouge.  Weleda deodorants comes in 3.4fl.oz  and 1 fl.oz bottles.

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