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I love lip products.  I have become a huge Dr. Bronner’s fan over the past year for many reasons.  Dr. Bronner’s uses mainly organic ingredients, many certified organic.  The company holds much pride in their Fair Trade and no animal testing policies.  Anyway, I spotted their lip balms in the new “Natural” section of the Target Beauty aisles and snapped up a tube of Peppermint and a Lemon Lime.

I consider myself a lip balm enthusiast… I try every balm I can find that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients.  This is quickly becoming a favorite.  This balm doesn’t have a shea butter base like many others do which gives it a much smoother feel and easy application.  I love shea butter lip balms for their healing qualities but they tend to get a little bumpy if they haven’t been used in a little while.  Dr. Bronner’s is a smooth silky application that glides on.  Even my 2 year old likes it.  Some of the natural balms tend to get overly fragrant with the essential oils but this is on the subtle side.  All Dr. Bronner’s lip balms are USDA Certified Organic and have the  Coalition for Consumer information on Cosmetics rabbit seal (not tested on animals).

One of the other things I adore about Dr. Bronners is that it isn’t hideously over-priced like so many organic things are.  This lip balm is $2.99 and its worth it.

Get it here: I found them at Target but you can also order them on Dr. Bronner’s website.  They come in Lemon Lime, Peppermint, Orange Ginger (I WANT THAT), and Naked Organic.

Skin Deep Rating: 1

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