LovelyMama Review: Bubble and Bee Pit Putty (revisited)

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A few months ago, while doing one of my many searches for safe skincare for myself,  I discovered an awesome company called Bubble and Bee Organics.  One thing I love about Bubble and Bee is that they always use organic ingredients when possible, and better yet, they never use synthetic ingredients, ever.

I love all of the products that I’ve tried.   Especially their Pit Putty.  I raved about Pit Putty over at SafeMama a few months ago and I stand by that review.  Pit Putty is hands down the best deodorant I’ve tried.  It’s very soft and powdery.  And a little goes a long way.  Once I used it properly, I never had a problem with white stains on my shirt and it lasts, even in the hot sun.  Something I tested profusely when first tried it out (I was the girl with her face in her armpits all day).

This is a deodorant, which you shouldn’t confuse with an antiperspirant.  While we think it’s great to not sweat, antiperspirant not only has awful synthetic chemicals in it, but they block your pores, preventing you from sweating.   This is just not natural.  Sweating is good for you.   And over time, conventional antiperspirant clogs your pores making it more ineffective.   Since I’ve made the switch to a natural deodorant, I sweat less and I rarely have any odor.

When I didn’t think that Pit Putty couldn’t get any better, Stephanie surprised me and came out with a new scent specifically for women: geranium lime.   I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview and let me tell you, it’s awesome.  I didn’t mind the scent of the original, but I know that some women want something just a little more feminine.   It’s so feminine, that I’m now back to sniffing my armpits, but not because I’m self conscious.  But more because it smells so good.

We give all of Bubble and Bee Organics products the LovelyMama Seal of Approval.

Get It: Be one of the first to get the new scent of Pit Putty.  You can order directly from Bubble and Bee’s website and take 15% off your entire purchase using the code “lovelymom9

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