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La Mav Skin Care I had the opportunity to sample a swanky line of skin care this year. I wasn’t sure at first, if I wanted to review it.  It looked too pretty to be free of toxic ingredients.  I looked a bit closer and was actually impressed by the list and decided to give it a try.  I was skeptical but, why not try it out.  Of all the skin care products I’ve tested, I rarely fall so in love with a line that I use it all.  Not the case with La Mav Organic Skin Science.  I just used the very last drop of it and came online to see about ordering more.

These products, while at a pretty high price point, are really amazing. They make my skin feel smooth and lovely without any irritations.  For the first time, I actually use a night cream.  Mostly because it isn’t thick and heavy like others can be.  My skin actually glows when I use this line of skin care.  The cleansing creme’s are gentle and leave you feeling clean and fresh.  The Wrinkle Defense Day Fluid is light and absorbs easily.  I am in love with the Omega-3 Advanced Nightly Repair Creme  – I wake up refreshed and soft without any irritation.

Certified Organic and cruelty free, and not to mention the packaging is beautiful. I do wish the packaging was recyclable, which would be my main critique. But I can’t argue the performance of the products I tried. You can find the anti-aging line and all their other products on their website  They have lines for every kind of skin care issues. I may have to save up to replace the products I fell in love with!

Posted by: SafeMama Kathy on February 24, 2014


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  1. Skin rejuvenation on March 7th, 2014 1:21 am

    That’s Great.I am also using that products.I like Lamav Products.