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Choosing pajamas is always a challenge for me.  I think about them spending a large part of their existence in pajamas and I struggle to fnd safe ones.  I have an organic mattress and sheets, so it seems silly to wrap their bodies in something that contradicts all my efforts to keep them healthy while they sleep.

I never considered wool as an option because when I think “wool” I think “itchy”.  It’s not always an accurate assumption and in this case the complete opposite of the truth.  I was introduced to Simply Merino not long ago and they sent me a sample set of pajamas to try out on my youngest son.

What are the benefits of Merino wool? I’ll tell you. The sheep that provide merino wool to us come from small farms in New Zealand.  Merino clothing is a completely natural, recyclable and biodegradable product.  Never in the manufacturing process are chemicals like chlorine or bleach used on the materials, which makes it a perfect material for use in children’s clothing.  It’s very soft and breathable, so it’s ideal for babies because their bodies can naturally regulate their body heat.  Covering them in a synthetic fabric can lead to over heating which is unhealthy.  According to Simply Merino, the wool attracts less dust and allergens than other fabrics which is ideal for kids with allergies or other sensitives.

We tested out a set of their jammies on my 2 year old. First impression, these are really soft and cuddly.  I was excited to try them out. I was worried about them shrinking in the wash or losing their softness with washings but they assured me that I could easily throw them in with my regular laundry and be fine.  So I did.  They still fit great, still are soft and cuddly.  The colors are beautiful and these are great as pajamas or for under winter clothes to play in the snow.

You can purchase Simply Merino on their online store.  They would make a lovely gift!


Posted by: SafeMama Kathy on March 5, 2012


2 Responses to “Simply Merino Clothing For Kids & Babies”

  1. Fitness space on March 7th, 2012 3:40 pm

    Thanks for letting us know about Merino wool not being itchy, this is the thing that always puts me off buying wool nightwear, sometimes you go to bed ok then wake up scratching. But it’s so lovely and warm and of course natural!

  2. Nicole on March 14th, 2012 1:40 pm

    Interesting product. My toddler has eczema and a wool allergy so we will have to skip this one. It really burns me when manufacturers/salespeople insist that you aren’t allergic to wool ~ just to the chemicals it is processed with! Do allergy skin tests lie?? I don’t think so.

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